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18 December 2010

Man killed in upturned boat

News Nine MSN -

A scuba diving instructor gave up a struggle to free a man who was trapped in the hull of an upturned fishing boat, before saving the life of another drowning man.

Bryon Marshall, 31, was described as a hero after rescuing the passenger from the 10-metre boat, which claimed the life of the other trapped man when it capsized in Victoria's Port Phillip Bay just before 4pm (AEDT) on Sunday.

The boat, carrying 12 people, was hit by a freak wave off Point Nepean, throwing 10 into the water.

Two remained trapped in the hull while the other 10 took refuge on a life raft, just inside The Heads, and were rescued by a nearby dive boat.

Dive Victoria operator Jason Salter and Mr Marshall set out from Queenscliff after being alerted to the emergency and arrived on the scene within 20 minutes.

With no emergency services on the water, Mr Marshall, a former surf life-saver, swam out to the boat to search for the two missing men.

Discovering one submerged and tangled in fishing line, he tried unsuccessfully to free him before finding another man, who was disoriented and trapped inside the hull of the capsized boat.

"We waited for a lull in the waves and I motioned for him to come out and I gripped him by the arm and pulled him out," Mr Marshall told AAP.

"With the waves and everything crashing on him he didn't have much hope really of being able to see where he was."

Mr Marshall towed the man, aged in his late 50s, into the shallows, where he was winched to safety by a rescue helicopter and taken to Frankston Hospital.

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