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09 March 2011

MARINS for Submarine HMS Audacious

Hydro International -

BAE Systems (Submarine Solutions), UK, has chosen iXSea MARINS inertial navigation systems for HMS Audacious, the fourth boat in the UK Royal Navy's Astute-class, nuclear-powered attack submarine construction programme. HMS Audacious will be equipped with two MARINS units.

iXBlue will also supply a third unit for preliminary test work at BAE Systems' Astute Shore Integration Facility and provide engineering and project management support for the installation of the units on board the submarine. BAE Systems has options on further MARINS units for Astute-class boats five, six and seven.

MARINS was designed by iXSea to meet the growing need of the world's navies for more accurate and reliable inertial navigation systems and represents the state of the art in strap-down, fibre-optic gyroscope technology.

The military-specification unit outputs position, heading, roll, pitch, depth and velocities, and is perfectly silent. Drift is less than 1Nm in 24 hours operating in pure inertial mode, i.e., without GPS input. It is compatible with a wide range of aiding sensors and can be up and running within minutes.


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