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01 April 2011

Stolen Seas : the untold story behind modern day piracy

Thymaya Payne -

STOLEN SEAS is a feature length documentary film that finally exposes the untold story behind Somali piracy.

It’s early afternoon and the unforgiving African sun blazes overhead...the CEC Future - a Danish-owned merchant ship, is on high alert.

Sailing inside the Gulf of Aden, a pirate-infested swath of sea between Somalia and Yemen, the ship’s captain, Andrey Nozhkin, blinks hard at the radar screen. It’s an oft-treaded shipping route—the quickest passage to the Suez Canal—but that’s of little comfort.

There are approximately 700 hostages being held captive off the coast of Somalia.

On the radar a light begins to flash. This is it, Nozhkin thinks, and he’s right. Machine guns sound with a tac-tac-tac on the boat’s hull: For two months this 12-man crew will be held at the mercy of Somali pirates, helpless as million-dollar hostage negotiations threaten their heads. Welcome to piracy in the 21st century—where it’s anyone’s guess who comes out on top.


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