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09 July 2012

Diver deaths were ‘unlucky accidents’

Times of Malta - 

Five diver deaths in recent months were the result of “unfortunate, unrelated accidents”, the Professional Diving Schools Association suspects.

On June 13, a 61-year-old German man became the fifth diver to die in Maltese waters since April, after he suffered a suspected heart attack off Xwejni in Gozo.

The other divers who died this year were also foreigners, three of them over 60. Although the causes of death in the five instances have not been made public, at least three were attributed to cardiac problems at the time.

The association feels this does not indicate a need for more stringent medical checks.

“Four of the five unfortunate divers who died had a medical (certificate) issued by a doctor, not just a self-assessment that is the industry norm in Europe and worldwide,” association chairman Simon Sciberras said.

Under regulations passed in 2010, those frequenting Maltese dive centres must complete a medical questionnaire endorsed by the World Recreational Scuba Training Council before diving.

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