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11 July 2012

Eight European divers rescued off Bali after boat drifts away

Minews 26 -

Indonesian police located and rescued eight European tourists on Friday after their boat drifted away while they were diving off the coast of Bali, leaving them stranded in the water, officials said on Saturday.

The eight people were part of a group of twelve tourists from France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany that had gone diving off Indonesia's popular resort island of Bali.

The tourists had rented a boat and took off on Thursday, but contact with the vessel was later lost, prompting a search-and-rescue operation.

Four of the tourists were located shortly after rescue workers arrived in the area, but the eight others remained missing until Friday morning, when they were spotted by local fishermen.

Bali Police chief Inspector General Budi Gunawan told the Antara news agency that the remaining eight tourists were found stranded in the Nusa Penida waters in Klungkun.

The cause of the mishap remains uncertain, but officials believe strong winds and waves may have contributed to the incident.

He said it happened when the tourists went diving for the third time and, when they returned to the surface, they discovered the boat had gone missing.

The tourism agency and diving company hired by the tourists are being investigated by police, Antara reported.

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