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06 July 2012

Russian team wins underwater robotics championship

Hydro International -

The Far Eastern Federal University, Russia, student team won the world championship ROVs at the 2012 MATE International ROV Competition, which was organised in Orlando, Florida, USA.

The FEFU team “Primorye Coast” competed against more than 20 teams from different countries including: USA, China, India, Great Britain, and Egypt.

The students have been taking part in these competitions, since2008. In2010, the team won first place for the first time.

“Primorye Coast” consists of students of different specialties, ranging from computer security to medical physics and interior design.


Each year, this competition attracts teams of specialists in underwater robototronics from all over the world.

This year, the theme of the competition was the research of sunken World War II vessels.

The participants saw a simulated event in which the fuel materials of the sunken vessels consisted of an environmental threat that had to be neutralised.

The teams were challenged to develop methods for secure fuel extraction.

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