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06 September 2012

Nantwich couple search for scuba diving vicar

Rhiannon Cooke -

A loved-up Nantwich couple has launched a frantic search for a scuba-diving vicar to carry out an underwater marriage blessing.

Jason Hewer, 35, and Paula Davies, 30, say it would be the perfect way to celebrate taking the plunge after getting married on dry land later this month.

But first they have to find a man or woman of the cloth who’s also a qualified scuba diver.

Jason, a police officer, said: “We have been together for five years now and every year we have been on a diving holiday together.

“I suppose you could say diving is a bit of a religion for us and certainly a great passion so we really would like to have an element of the wedding celebrations underwater.

“The idea of a blessing with our diving friends, Dave and Louise, seemed perfect and the fact it is diving that has brought us all together makes it even more fitting.”

Diving is a huge passion for both couples who all met through the East Cheshire branch of the British Sub Aqua Club, (BSAC) which has more than 1,000 diving clubs across the UK.

The branch can lay claim to being the most romantic sub aqua club in the UK. Jason and Paula and Dave and Louise, from Macclesfield, are just two of at least eight couples within the club who have met and found love through scuba diving.

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