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12 September 2012

Tourism denies Sport Diver's claims

Marina Mello - 

The Department of Tourism says it was “instrumental” in a cover story on scuba diving in Bermuda in the August issue of Sport Diver Magazine — despite what the magazine's editor told The Royal Gazette.

Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert said the Department paid for the writer of the story to visit Bermuda, contrary to claims by Sport Diver Editor Mark Evans, who said promises of help from Tourism “came to nothing”.

Mr Furbert said yesterday: “It is unfortunate and disappointing that the local daily paper has published a piece which maligns the hard work being carried out by the Department of Tourism.

“Sadly the story is quite inaccurate and ill researched. Had the reporter actually engaged in journalism and not sensationalism, the facts of the situation would have been easy to ascertain.”

The Royal Gazette stated on Friday stated that it did in fact attempt to seek a response from Tourism on Mr Evans' comments but an e-mail series of questions was written but it was never sent due to a technical issue.

The Minister continued: “Contrary to the recently agreed code of the Media Council, there was no contact with anybody at DCI or the Ministry prior to the publication of this story.

“We are actually delighted with the cover story of the Sport Diver magazine and can confirm that the writer Stuart Philpott visited the island on April 25, 2012, for a seven day stay.

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