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15 September 2012

Volunteer divers to clean up sea off northeastern Taiwan

Sunrise Huang and Elizabeth Hsu - 

A large group of divers are set to launch a major clean-up of the seabed off the northeastern coast of Taiwan in line with the global campaign Clean Up the World, a keen scuba diver from New Taipei said Friday.

The clean-up, planned for the following day, was initiated by recreational divers such as himself who, like him, are fond of diving in the coastal area that is the convergence of the Kuroshio current and a cold current that comes up from the eastern Chinese coast, Lee Hsiang said.

The marine phenomenon has created many wave-cut benches, tidal ponds and trenches along the coast, creating a home for a wide diversity of marine life, he said.

The beautiful coastline, however, has in recent years become more and more polluted by garbage, he said.

While people can easily see the pollution on the seashore, the seabed beneath the waves is nevertheless often neglected, said Lee, an otolaryngologist who often dives in the area.

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