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10 October 2012

Louis Vuitton steamer trunk set for $25,000 US auction

Paul Fraser Collectibles -

A Louis Vuitton steamer trunk is set to provide one of the highlights of an upcoming ocean liner artefacts auction. The early, pre-monogrammed model features an unusual vertical form with wheels on the bottom. With five interior drawers, two covered compartments, and a slide out writing desk, the trunk is a veritable office on the high seas and has a high estimate of $25,000 ahead of the October 21 auction in Massachusetts. The sale will also feature several items of less refined, but no less important function. These include a ceremonial life ring from the RMS Mauretania, expected to make up to $7,000, as well as a life jacket from the SS Normandie, a French ocean liner in the 1930s, which has a $4,000 high valuation. A piece of wood from the Titanic, retrieved by the rescue ship Minia, is expected to make up to $5,000 at the auction, although such is the clamour for Titanic artefacts it could well exceed this figure. There is also a spike from Christopher Columbus' ship Santiago, which sank in Jamaica in 1504 during his fourth and final voyage to the Americas. Recovered from the wreck in 1968, it has a $4,000 estimate.

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