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17 October 2012

Pollution turns a Tunisian lake blood red

France 24 - 

Cap Bon, a cape located in northern Tunisia, is known for its beach resorts and its rich biodiversity.

However, one of its villages, Mrigueb, is now experiencing an ecological catastrophe: the waters of the wadi located next to it have turned bright red, due to pollution from fish processing factories.

A “wadi” is the Arabic term for watercourses in North Africa that remain dry except during the rainy season.

The wadi next to Mrigueb, called Tafekhsit, was once home to a large variety of fish species as well as several types of migratory birds.

Today, this fauna has disappeared. The villagers of Mrigueb blame the three factories located near the wadi, who process and can sardines and anchovies.

Among them are two Italian companies, MEDIMER and SDT; the third, SOGECO, is Tunisian. SOCEGO’s plant manager strongly refutes any allegations of polluting the wadi, and points the finger at the two Italian firms.

According to our Observer, the companies are dumping their waste into the wadi, in total disregard for Tunisia’s environmental laws.

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