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18 January 2013

Disabled French athelete sets new diving world record

NTD Television -

A French swimmer who lacks legs and arms successfully dived through a 108-foot deep well in Brussels on Thursday (January 10).

The limbless athlete set a new world record in disabled diving, at the world's deepest indoor swimming pool.

Philippe Croizon, had his limbs amputated after a 1994 electrical accident at age 26. He completed the underwater achievement with the aide of paddle-like prosthetics with flippers and with the help of 15 experienced divers.

Collectively these senior divers can boast 33-thousand diving expeditions.

The French athlete said he was very proud to be in the company of such experienced divers.

[Philippe Croizon, Limbless French Athlete]: "To dive with them, it's going to be a pretty amazing world record.

And this is proof that diving is for both older and disabled people too, without any problem.

I'm the only disabled person in the group, that means that disabled and non-disabled—it’s all the same."

Although Croizon's special prostheses allow him to propel himself through water, his fellow divers assisted him in the descent.

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