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26 January 2013

Marine School shows off its treasure trove

Jarrow and Hebburn Gazette -

South Shields Marine School is opening its doors to the public for the first time.

The school, at South Tyneside College, will be showing a wide range of artefacts and memorabilia from its proud 152-year history.

South Shields Marine School has a long and proud past. It remains today a world-renowned centre of excellence for marine education and training.

Established originally in 1861, it offers programmes across the whole spectrum of marine education and nautical sciences, including navigation, operations, marine and electrical engineering, communications and catering.

Now, for the first time, it has raided its vaults and put on public display a full range of maritime artefacts and equipment.

A room has been set aside in the Westoe campus to display the treasure trove.

It is packed full of logs, notebooks, ship models, sextants, octants, compasses and an array of other artefacts which can now be viewed by the borough public.

The value of all the items gathered in the room is estimated at more than £100,000.

But beyond their monetary worth they offer a fascinating glimpse into the development of marine engineering over the past two centuries.

Gary Hindmarch, the Marine School’s vice-principal of maritime and higher education, has sent out an invitation to the public to come and visit.

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