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11 March 2013

Another cruise ship damaged after hitting rock

Gene Sloan -

An adventure cruise ship operated by Lindblad Expeditions hit a submerged rock on Monday, causing damage to the vessel.

The 62-passenger National Geographic Sea Lion was departing an anchorage in the Las Perlas Islands, about 70 nautical miles from Panama City, when it struck the rock, which was uncharted, Lindblad spokesperson Patty Disken-Cahill tells USA TODAY.

None of the 55 passengers and 35 crew on board the vessel was injured, Disken-Cahill says.

The National Geographic Sea Lion sustained damage to its hull and one propeller during the incident, but after clearance from the U.S. Coast Guard, returned to Panama City on its own power, arriving today at 5 a.m.

The accident occurred on the third day of an eight-day voyage transiting the Panama Canal and exploring the islands of Panama and Costa Rica.

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