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09 March 2011

Lighthouse work stops indefinitely

News Observer -

The $3.09 million restoration of Bodie Island Lighthouse has been stopped indefinitely after federal lawmakers did not designate money to complete the job. The National Park Service will put the project in its budget request for 2012, said Cyndy Holda, spokeswoman for the group of parks along the Outer Banks where the light stands.

Work began on the 138-year-old structure in 2009, with plans to open it to the public. But workers found cracks in the braces supporting the balcony near the top of the light. Repairs would take another $1.6 million.

The contractor agreed to keep the scaffolding up around the light through early March to give lawmakers time to decide whether to transfer money left over from another project. Since no such provision was made, the scaffolding will start coming down this week. When and if work resumes, scaffolding will have to be rebuilt at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars.


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