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22 March 2013

Singapore divers head to Sabah despite warning

Law Zhi Tian -

The fighting in the Malaysian state of Sabah has not deterred some Singapore divers from heading there.

This is despite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) last week advising travellers going to eastern Sabah to "monitor developments through the local news and avoid the troubled spots such as Lahad Datu, Kunak and Semporna".

Director of travel agency Amazing Borneo Travel and Events, Mr Kenji Yeo, 32, said none of his customers has cancelled a trip to Sipadan Island.

Six of them are heading there at the end of this month. The popular dive site is three to four hours from the military action taking place in Lahad Datu and the surrounding areas, which has seen 56 Filipino insurgents and nine Malaysians killed.

Mr Yeo said that although his customers are "definitely worried and concerned" about the situation in Sabah and have e-mailed him or called him up, most do not regard it as serious enough to call off their trip.

"Most ask me whether it's safe enough to go and I will usually tell them to check the Sabah Tourism Board's website.

If they ask me for my personal choice, I tell them that I would go, but it's their choice."

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