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09 July 2012

Man offers sunken boat to anyone who will salvage

Wendy Victora - 

Jack Roberts never named his 16-foot Sportsman fishing boat, though friends warned him that would bring him bad luck.

Two days after it capsized in the Gulf of Mexico, the boat finally has an unofficial name – Sorry Boat.

“That boat’s been nothing but trouble since I’ve had it,” says the Fort Walton Beach man. Roberts, his two adult sons and a Chihuahua named BooBoo were rescued by another boat after the Sunday afternoon capsizing.

Still on board is $2,000 in fishing gear and one wallet with $800 in cash.

In order to save himself $2,400 in salvage fees, Roberts has posted an ad on Craiglist, offering to give the boat, the fishing gear and the cash in the wallet to whoever will bring it into shore.

The fishing gear was strapped down and the wallet was in a closed cubby.

The boat capsized near the old Destin Bridge rubble reef, about two miles offshore.

“The Coast Guard said if the boat doesn’t come out of the water, they’re going to charge me with a crime,” he said.

“And somebody can sue me if they hit the boat.”

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