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08 August 2012

Cormorant's deep underwater dive filmed

BBC News -

A South American seabird's high-speed deep dive to the ocean floor has been filmed by researchers.

A camera was fitted to an imperial cormorant's back before it dived 150ft underwater off Argentina's Patagonia Coast in 40 seconds.

The footage shows how in just over a minute it finds and catches a fish, before returning to the surface.

A Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) team is studying the birds to help spot priority feeding areas.

The team led by Dr Flavio Quintana and including conservationists from the National Research Council of Argentina, was able to witness the birds' feeding techniques firsthand for the first time by capturing the underwater behaviour on camera.

The footage shows the cormorant on the surface of the protected coastal area of Punta León in Patagonia, Argentina, which is home to more than 3,500 pairs of the birds.

The camera is attached to the bird's back, and the video shows it pushing its feet to dive deeper, and exploring a vast area searching for food.

It eventually finds an elongated fish, which it brings to the surface to eat.

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