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21 August 2012

Death of a scuba diver

Post Crescent -
A body found by a group of divers in Lake Michigan off Door County on Saturday afternoon is that of a scuba diver who disappeared almost 13 years ago, Door County Sheriff Terry Vogel said Monday.
Dirk C. Kann, 53, of Guttenberg, Iowa, was reported missing on Sept. 4, 1999, while diving with two other men at the wreck of the Lakeland, a steamer that sank with a load of cars in 1924.
The body recovered Saturday was taken to Green Bay for an autopsy to be positively identified using dental records.
Autopsy results are pending.
Divers found the body of a man, still in his wet suit, 225 feet below the surface one mile east of Whitefish Point in the town of Sevastopol.
Whitefish Point is located between Whitefish Dunes State Park and Lily Bay along the Lake Michigan shoreline.
The divers brought the body to the surface and contacted the U.S. Coast Guard, which contacted the sheriff’s department at 3:08 p.m.
“We had known he was missing. In fact, we had made numerous attempts (to recover the body),” Vogel said.
In July 2002, divers found a body believed to be that of Kann but attempts to again locate the body and recover it were unsuccessful.
Kann was surfacing from a dive in 175 feet of water when he was last seen by his dive partner, a 49-year-old Appleton man, according to a Door County Advocate account at the time.
Both Kann and a dive partner experienced problems on their way up.
Kann was last seen at the 80-foot mark on the dive line, where he remained to compress – a requirement in deep dives to prevent the buildup of harmful nitrogen bubbles in the blood.
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