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22 September 2012

Southampton underwater record attempt 'too dangerous' to continue

BBC News -

An attempt to set the world record for cycling 240 miles underwater in 24 hours has been halted after being deemed "too dangerous" to carry on.

Former marines Chris Sirett and Brian Stokes were suffering from nausea and dizziness, said organiser Mark Scoula.

They cycled 100 miles underwater on exercise bikes in 15 hours at the PSP Southampton Boat Show before stopping.

However, the pair are believed to have set a world record for the furthest distance cycled under water.

Mr Scoular said: "As with any world record attempt as physically demanding as this, safety is always a priority.

"So, at 3:38am after a solid 15 hours underwater, the attempt was bought to an end after being deemed too dangerous to continue by the safety team.

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